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The editable template is available for free after signing up at Out of Dark. Out of Dark is not a whiteboard or diagramming tool, so adding and editing the touchpoints in the template takes seconds, not hours.

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If you’re in real estate, you’ll have to put most of your effort into the first two phases – Awareness and Consideration. There’s no other way to survive in a hyper-competitive space like this. If there’s anything you can do to get the word out, you have to try it.

This means you’ll have a lot of customer touchpoints – certainly more than you can effectively keep track of by keeping them in your head or using spreadsheets. That’s why you have to list them on a customer journey map that will allow you to track or note their performance and then take a step back and evaluate them.

It will be much easier to separate the wheat from the chaff and you will be able to spend your time and energy on things that actually bring the clients. Once they’re in, the Purchase and Loyalty phases are there to make sure their experience is smooth and good enough to send you some referrals, too.

Our Real estate customer journey template is divided into 4 phases based on the Awareness, Consideration, Purchase, Loyalty framework that addresses all 4 stages of customer engagement.

Here’s the template outline:

1. Awareness

Real estate agencies and developers can enhance visibility through multiple channels such as real estate platforms, local media, and collaborations with them to showcase properties, projects, and success stories.

Social media

To increase brand visibility, we utilize social media, focusing on key metrics like reach, engagement, followers, and web traffic.

Profile on local websites

To enhance local visibility, we maintain profiles in local online directories. Key metrics include the number of profile visits, customer inquiries, and local search rankings, focusing on increasing community engagement and local brand awareness.

Ads in local media

To reach potential customers, we advertise in local media, focusing on metrics like ad impressions, click-through rates, and conversion effectiveness.


To build and maintain a strong brand reputation, we engage in public relations activities, focusing on metrics such as the number of media appearances and the impact on brand awareness.

2. Consideration

Transitioning to the “Consideration” phase involves providing valuable insights and information. This might include market reports, expert advice on buying or selling properties, and success stories from previous clients. Informative blogs, virtual property tours, and testimonials aim to engage potential clients and build their interest in the market or specific properties.


To improve online visibility, we implement SEO strategies, focusing on key metrics such as search engine rankings, organic traffic, and keyword performance.

Ads on real estates platforms

To influence decision-making, we manage ads on real estates platforms, emphasizing metrics like customer reviews, conversion rates, and profile views.

Social media

To increase brand visibility, we utilize social media, focusing on key metrics like reach, engagement, follower growth, and web traffic.

3. Purchase

In the “Purchase” stage, the focus is on converting interest into action. Real estate agencies might offer offer property tours, consultations, or exclusive property previews to encourage potential clients to make a decision. Clear information about properties, market trends, and positive client experiences can prompt potential clients to engage in property transactions.

Performance campaign

To effectively target potential customers, we run PPC (Pay-Per-Click) campaigns, focusing on metrics like the number of clicks, conversion count, and cost per conversion.


To engage and inform potential customers, we maintain our website, focusing on the number of conversions and overall website traffic as key metrics.

Quality of contacts

To make the purchase as easy as possible for our clients, we maintain a database of reputable professionals from various industries our clients might need to consult in the purhcase process.

4. Loyalty

Post-transaction engagement is crucial for real estate agencies and developers. It involves post-sale follow-ups and personalized property recommendations which can lead to repeat clients and referrals. Exclusive property previews or incentives for future transactions can help retain clients and foster long-term relationships.


To foster customer loyalty, we focus on collecting reviews, emphasizing key metrics like the number of reviews and the average rating.

Email marketing

To nurture customer relationships, we engage in email marketing, focusing on metrics such as open rates, click-through rates, and the number of conversions generated.

Collecting feedback

We perform regular check-ins to understand customer post-purchase sentiment and continuously improve our services.

Do you want to create an interactive and easy-to-use customer journey map with powerful touchpoints, personas, automatic KPI import & monitoring, and much more?

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