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The editable template is available for free after signing up at Out of Dark. Out of Dark is not a whiteboard or diagramming tool, so adding and editing the touchpoints in the template takes seconds, not hours.

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SaaS is all about subscriptions and trying to get the edge wherever you can. It’s very competitive, customers usually have multiple choices and it’s very easy for them to switch to the competitor – or leave the competitor and come to you!

To make your service an attractive option, marketing and CX have to work side by side and form an experience that will keep the customer happy and subscribed. Acquisition costs are through the roof, so there’s plenty of motivation to come up with cheaper alternatives – and once the customer is in, there’s plenty of motivation to keep him there.

SaaS companies are experts in creating online tools, and they like to use some, too – usually too much to handle. A customer journey map can keep all customer-oriented efforts organized, help with evaluating their performance using imported metrics, and provide a framework for improving them. If you ever dreamed about an ultimate control panel for your marketing and CX, this is it.

Our SaaS customer journey template is divided into 4 phases based on the Awareness, Consideration, Purchase, Loyalty framework that addresses all 4 stages of customer engagement.

Here’s the template outline:

1. Awareness

In this phase, the focus is on capturing attention and creating awareness about our SaaS platform. Strategies such as webinars, conferences, and SEO are utilized to engage potential customers and attract them to discover our product.

Social media

To increase brand visibility, we utilize social media, focusing on key metrics like reach, engagement, followers, and web traffic.


To attract new prospects, we organize webinars, focusing on metrics such as attendance numbers, participant engagement, and post-event lead generation.


To establish expertise and attract interest, we maintain a specialized blog, focusing on metrics like gained traffic and time spent on page.

Industry conferences

To enhance visibility and network within the industry, we participate in industry conferences, focusing on metrics such as the number of leads generated and the extent of engagement with industry peers and potential clients.

2. Consideration

Once a customer becomes aware of our platform, we move into the thinking phase where we aim to provide relevant information and value that could address their problems or needs. This can be done through content such as whitepapers, case studies or demo versions that highlight the benefits of our service.

Case study on social networks

To showcase our expertise and influence decision-making, we publish case studies on social media, focusing on metrics like engagement rates, share frequency, and the number of inquiries or leads generated.


To engage and inform potential customers, we maintain our website, focusing on the number of conversions and overall website traffic as key metrics.

Performance marketing

To effectively target potential customers, we run PPC (Pay-Per-Click) campaigns, focusing on metrics like the number of clicks, conversion count, and cost per conversion.

Direct sales

To drive sales and build customer relationships, we employ direct sales tactics, focusing on metrics such as conversion rates, average deal size, and customer acquisition cost.

3. Purchase

Having captured the customer’s interest, we prompt them to take action – to try out our service, sign up, or make a purchase. This phase might involve various strategies such as free trial offers, promotions, or personalized onboarding services that encourage them to act.


To engage and inform potential customers, we maintain our onboarding, focusing on the number of conversions and overall activity as key metrics.

Success team

To ensure customer satisfaction and drive growth, our success team focuses on activities such as follow-ups and support, with a primary metric being the rate of successful upsells.

Partnership program

To expand our reach and offer additional value to customers, we operate a partnership program, with a primary metric being the number of new partners onboarded and the resulting increase in customer acquisition through these partnerships.

4. Loyalty

Finally, customer care is crucial. In this phase, the focus is on maintaining customer satisfaction and building loyalty. We provide support, training, and regular updates to ensure that customers feel the ongoing value and support throughout their relationship with our SaaS platform.

Upsell campaign

To maximize revenue and enhance customer value, we conduct upsell campaigns, focusing on metrics such as upsell conversion rates, average order value increase, and customer response rates.


To support customer loyalty, we focus on collecting reviews, emphasizing key metrics like the number of reviews and the average rating.

Customer feedback

To continuously improve our services and understand customer needs, we focus on collecting customer feedback, emphasizing metrics like the volume of feedback received and the insights gained from it.

Customer retention

To ensure high renewal rates, we implement renewal assurance strategies, focusing on metrics like renewal rates, customer engagement levels prior to renewal, and customer satisfaction at the point of renewal.

Do you want to create an interactive and easy-to-use customer journey map with powerful touchpoints, personas, automatic KPI import & monitoring, and much more?

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